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Little Black Village Passport Project

The Passport Project is an opportunity to encourage our youth to consider getting international exposure.  With the support of our friends, family and subscribers we hope to gain enough funding to assist ten to a hundred students from ages (16 – 21) in obtaining their passports.  The first step to gaining international exposure aboard would be to obtain a passport. We also hope to increase the participation of youth in study abroad programs in high school and college.  This project would not only raise awareness of the importance of international exposure but will encourage youth to apply for their passport.  The fundraiser would help us grant voucher for those youth who submit an essay explaining the importance of international exposure.  We will also publish each recipient’s essay on our website to help encourage others to gain international exposure through traveling.



The U.SPassports. Passport is a book that is used by the U.S. Department of State. You have to submit identification information and other relevant documentation and paperwork to be issued with a passport. This is the most expensive international travel documentation that you can get, but there are several reasons why you should get it. So, why get a passport?


You should get a passport whether or not you are planning a trip because it will allow you to travel anywhere in the world. Passports are the primary documents that are used to facilitate entry into foreign countries. With a passport, you can make last-minute holiday plans without worrying of where to get the right documentation. Owning a passport prior to your trip is advantageous in that a passport takes up to 8 weeks. A passport is important because you will be able to travel should there be a family or job emergency that require your urgent attention.


A passport is also important because it will facilitate reentry into the U.S. Without a passport, you would have to produce other forms of identification to prove that you are a U.S. citizen. You will save a lot time while reentering the U.S with a passport.


A passport will also last for 10 years before having to be renewed, which is longer than most licenses or other forms of ID.


“Before crowd funding websites and mass social media sites, it was a bit more difficult to reach people for help.  On a personal journey, I was accepted in a study abroad trip for South Africa during my undergraduate years. The problem I had was limited funding, as a “broke” college student with no parents.  I was able to secure 1,000 dollars through mailing letters, calls and emails for support.  I remember the struggle and hard work, which I endured to successful fund and enjoy my study abroad international experience.   As a result we have created a project which will hopefully help in the aid of students interested in traveling abroad…” ~ Dionte Driskell, Morehouse 2010, Co-founder of the Youth Passport Project.



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