Hold Back The Night

Our August 2013 Selection:


By Linda Jean-Pierre

hold-back-night-linda-jean-pierre-paperback-cover-artThis book represents a collection of original poetry by the author. It’s about life and survival. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. We’ve all heard that before. But if you can truly go through a struggle and come out better, not bitter, you have won that battle. And, in life there are many battles! “Hold Back The Night” is about struggles, about change, about overcoming, growth, betrayals, heartaches, but most of all, surviving them all. You may shed a tear, smile, feel the pain of late night tears or the joy of waking up the next morning, knowing that daybreak has come and you didn’t succumb to the night, the dark time. There are times when we feel like we’ve had enough, like the sorrow or pain will never end. But time keeps marching and as we go through life, we truly look back and wonder how we made it through. Life lessons are learned, to be a blessing to others, to have a testimony, to encourage someone that may feel lost that if I can go through what I went through and didn’t lose my mind, so can you. Life lessons are a given, it teaches us. We must learn from them. There are generations coming after us, our children and childrens’ children, what legacy or strength will we leave behind. Our mothers and fathers have taught us that the sun will shine again, if we hold on. The darkest hour truly is just before day. If we hold on and faint not, everything will be alright. For if the Lord takes us today, the sun will still rise tomorrow. There is always hope.

About the Author

Linda Jean-Pierre

Linda Jean-Pierre

Born on a farm in North Carolina, the author was raised in a two parent home, with six siblings. Although their parents never finished school, some came to know their father as “the great philosopher” who had a story for everything and could calm your fears. Her mom was very active with their schooling and joined the PTA. As a matter of fact, her name appears on two of their diplomas because she was the president. The author often heard her mother say “if others can do it my children can to”, pushing the author to love the art of writing. Such faith! Bragging rights to examine the world, write or sing about it, exceed and never feel ashamed of anything or be afraid of anyone. Going to church was not an option. Some would call her and her six siblings “pew babies”. With the family, they formed a gospel group called “The Six Stars”, well know in their hometown. People would come from miles away to hear them sing. Some would even sit in during rehearsals, which could sometimes last til midnight. Although they didn’t have much, some would even say poor, they were proud of who they were. Instilled at birth! Their grandmother and grandfather, aunts and uncles lives in close proximity showing strong family ties where history and values were rich. With such strong values and family support, the author always wanted to write and sing. She knew she was destined for something big because she was a hard worker and raised her children without the steady support of their father. They too could be whatever they wanted, entrepreneurs, writers, singers, etc. Over the years, she put her experiences and thoughts on paper, all the hurt , heartache and lessons learned, whether good or bad. It was necessary so her children would know the possibilities. To know that with persistence comes the rewards. There will be good days and bad days, but you can overcome them all. In this first book of many, you will find those experiences and a few surprises. Hope these poems inspire you as they have her over the years. For those who caused me so much heartache and disappointment, thank you! Without you I would not have found the feelings hidden deep inside!!

Special Note: You can pick up a copy at Amazon “Hold Back The Night By Linda Jean-Pierre”


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