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Imagine Life

Imagine Life Imagine Life  At the beginning  At the brink of human creations A clean slate for all of humanity  Brand new destiny  No sins to regret  Imagine life  Where there are green trees on every street  Blossoming flowers in every season No killing No abandonment  Children’s lives spared for the greater Families raising families … Continue reading

Magic in Her Pen

Magic in Her Pen (Inspiring young female writers) By Alika Turner   For centuries we have been blessed as a culture with amazing African American female writers. Authors, who have inspired, uplifted and encouraged women. As young female writers we have some large shoes to fill but, none the less amazing and powerful shoes.   … Continue reading

Words of Confusion

Words of Confusion By Alika Turner     Eyes closed   No light to see   No hands for support   Patiently waiting   Waiting for   Freedom   Truth   Answers   Hearts have bleed   Mothers have wept   Fathers continue to fight   Children yearn for needs   We starve for more … Continue reading

My Thoughts Exactly

My Thoughts Exactly By Alika Turner   Establishing life in to our youth may be a task the many are not willing to fulfill. Reaching out to encourage and rebuild faith may start with one but, takes many to make an impact.   We used to believe in the village that raised the Child. Somehow … Continue reading

Take My Hand Young Child

Take My Hand Young Child Take My Hand Young Child For I have seen what the world has in store for you Have trust in me for I traveled this path that you are now on Take My Hand Young Child I will protect you I will not let harm come your way Take My … Continue reading

Giving Thanks for the Sun and the Rain

THE UPSIDE OF THINGS “Giving Thanks for the Sun and the Rain” By Naponisha L. Sivad   In recent times natural disasters and economic crises are among other causes that have shaken the foundation of many individuals, families and governments.   People have faced enormous challenges to continue their customary way of doing things and in … Continue reading

Let’s Do So For Goodness Sake

The Upside of Things by Naponisha L. Sivad “Let’s Do So For Goodness Sake” “Let’s Do So For Goodness Sake.” How often are we presented with an opportunity to be of service and prior to helping someone we ponder “What’s in it for me?” Well, some people don’t waste a second asking this question. If their schedule … Continue reading

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