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Community Spotlight: Sabrina T. Cherry

By Jalen McNeal In honor of Women’s History Month, Little Black Village recognizes Sabrina T. Cherry, who is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV), teacher, writer, and speaker. I had the opportunity to interview Sabrina about her Peace Corps experience and how seeing the world, through the lens of service, has influenced her endeavors as … Continue reading

Community Spotlight: Portia Boykin

Portia’s Peace Corps Experience in Ecuador By Portia Boykin Even though this year will be the 10 year anniversary of the start of my Peace Corps journey, I still would consider it as a vivid recent memory. I often find a way to incorporate my Peace Corps experience in Ecuador into my daily life. The … Continue reading

Community Spotlight: Dionte Driskell

By: Jalen McNeal Dionte Driskell is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV), Morehouse graduate, business owner, and avid traveler. I had the opportunity to interview Dionte on his Peace Corps experience and how it has given breath to his current lifestyle as a Rwandan resident, stress-free entrepreneur, agriculturalist, and adventurer. Following his graduation from Morehouse … Continue reading

Community Spotlight: Addison DeMoss

 Black and Abroad: Thoughts From a Solitary Traveler   By: Addison DeMoss Walking through my Bairro in Mozambique during a relatively brisk evening, I decided to have a quick  drink before returning home and settling down. At this stage, I had been fairly integrated into my  community for nearly one year, but there is always someone … Continue reading

Community Spotlight: Byron L. Williams

“Colder than a polar bear’s toenails” was a line from the famous Outkast song that immediately flew to the front of my mind when my wife and I learned we were chosen to be Education sector volunteers in Ukraine, Eastern Europe. We knew it was going to be quite an adjustment for our Las Vegas, … Continue reading

Community Spotlight: Isaac Eaves

I translated my passion for service and interest in international travel into service as Peace Corps Volunteer. Continue reading

Community Spotlight with Lady Dunstan

Community Spotlight with Lady Dunstan First Ladies Youth Leadership & Etiquette Academy By Sabrina T. Cherry First Ladies International’s mission is to train and equip women and girls around the world to be global change agents; to dominate the seven cultures of the nations of our world with morals, wisdom, strength, dignity, joy, manners and … Continue reading

Community Spotlight with Addison DeMoss

Community Spotlight with Addison DeMoss Respect, Patience, Hard Work, and Perseverance by Addison DeMoss Greetings, I am Addison DeMoss a senior Political Science major currently attending Morehouse College and I am originally from Nashville, Tennessee. While enrolled in High school I was involved in a variety of extracurricular activities. I attended an art school called … Continue reading

Community Spotlight with Darryl K. Johnson

Community Spotlight with Darryl K. Johnson Being A Parent The courage and strength to do what’s right! By Darryl K. Johnson I have never been much of a writer but I do feel that somewhere, somehow and someway that someone may be able to appreciate my story. I have always been a stickler for details and I love … Continue reading

Community Spotlight with Carlton Grant

Community Spotlight: A Parents’ Dream Parents Version By Carlton Grant Dear Little Black Village, Here is the story of my girl. She is the only child from my marriage and we came to America when she was three years old. This means that practically she grew up here in New York all her life. To … Continue reading

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