Dionte Driskell

Dionte Driskell

Deonte Pic 1Growing up learning life’s lessons ‘the hard’ way through trials and tribulations; seeing the need for improvement from residing in housing projects, experiencing isolation, deaths, and extreme struggle, Dionte Driskell developed a love for helping others at a young age.  Giving back to his community was learned and enforced by his mother’s actions and example.  Through that he was later able to do great things.

One of Dionte experience in leading has been as a program coordinator for Envision EMI under the National Young Scholars Program, where he managed all logistical issues, managed staff and acquired event spaces.

One of Dionte experience in community service and globalization has been his recent 27 month sabbatical with the United States Peace Corps.  He live in Rwanda, as a Peace Corps volunteer, where he effectively organized and participated in meetings, workshops and trainings to help in solving problems while also helping to educate the students in his community. While abroad he participated in President’s Emergency Plan AIDS Relief workshop, which led to assisting host country nationals with income generating activities to develop and construct two local shops and a small cooperative. Dionte also established a sustainable counseling program, with the host country nationals and his colleagues to serve as guidance counselors for the students; to try to help with school related problems – successfully managing over 7 troubled students.

During his undergraduate years at Morehouse College, as a sociology/ leadership studies major, Dionte was an Adams/ Bonner Scholar and had the opportunity to serve under former Morehouse President Robert Franklin.

Currently, Dionte a Board Member of Little Black Village, where he co-founded the Youth Passport Project, which encourages youth to seek out study aboard opportunities and apply for their US Passport.  He is also a board committee member of the Southern Association of Black Peace Corps Volunteers working on an array of projects.  His gregarious character, cultural flexibility, and professionalism, adds a plethora of experience, maturity, and skill to over eight of community service and civic engagements.

Other Activities and Awards: UNCF recipient, Candle in the Dark award, The Clinton Global Initiative.

Memberships: RPCV, Rwanda (10-12), Morehouse Alumni Association ’10, Southern Association of Black Peace Corps Volunteers, Board Committee Member, Little Black Village, Board Member, Atlanta Area Return Peace Corps Volunteer member.

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