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Share your thoughts with us.  What do you like about this site?  How can we improve it?  What is your thought of the day?  What do you think about our educational system?  How can we as a community become greater than we are.  What would suggest to stop the killing among ourselves and our youth by others?  How can we help our youth and our community to live up to the fullest potential?  The first step to making a difference is dialogue and the next step is action.  Let us make a first step together; share your thoughts on here and let us take action together, even if it’s step by step!



One thought on “Open Forum

  1. God created me as a vessel of love with the ability to achieve greatness! That is why I love myself and use each day that I am granted to move closer to greatness. He has given this ability to each of us with the power of choice! Let us all choose to move, even if inch by inch, towards greatness, loving ourselves and fellow humans along the way. Today I am grateful for another opportunity to make a difference within me as well as in the lives of others.
    ~ Leslie Jean-Pierre ~


    Posted by Little Black Village | November 23, 2013, 10:16 am

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