Everyone can help make a difference either by participating at community help center, participating at an awareness, event, other hands on activities and making a modest donation to the causes that they support or believe in.  We are asking you first get involve in your community and help make a difference.  Secondly, revisit this site and see if you like what it offers and what we are trying to do in both providing informational resource and direct funds to causes we believe can make a difference in and out of our communities.  If you care to help us help others help themselves then please proceed so by making a donation, participating in one of our auctions or purchasing one of our fundraising t-shirts.  We currently have three causes which we are working on with three different groups that we are collaborating with.  Your help and support would be deeply appreciated.

Little Black Village Youth Passport Project is an opportunity to encourage our youth to consider getting international exposure. With the support of our friends, family and subscribers we hope to gain enough funding to assist ten to a hundred students from ages (16 – 21) in obtaining their passports. The first step to gaining international exposure aboard would be to obtain a passport. We also hope to increase the participation of youth in study abroad programs in high school and college. This project would not only raise awareness of the importance of international exposure but will encourage youth to apply for their passport. The fundraiser would help us grant voucher for youth who submit an essays explaining the importance of international exposure. We will also publish each recipient essay on our website to help encourage other to gain international exposure through traveling.

Help fund Peace Corps Volunteer projects that range from constructing latrines or health clinics to providing books and supplies to libraries and schools. Your donation is tax-deductible and 100 percent of your contribution goes toward a community project. With the t-shirt sales the Southern Association of Black Peace Corps Volunteers will donate, as a group, 100% of their proceeds to a Peace Corps project in Africa.

Little Black Village’s mission is to promotes higher education, personal development, and international exposure for African-Americans and African-American youth.  With the funds raised through the t-shirt sale we would be able to apply 100% of the proceeds to a writing contest that would help the winner with expenses towards a study aboard program.



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