Alika Turner

Alika Turner

Alika Turner pic 1I remember as a teen growing up in Richmond California, I always had a passion for helping people. It wasn’t until about 11 years ago that my passion focused on youth. I began my studies at Georgia Perimeter College in Early Childhood Education. This opened up many positions working directly with our youth.  I experienced a generation of children who yearned for guidance and love from busy working adults whose only missions was to financially provided for their families. I found myself growing a Heart for Youth. Then my mission became clear.

In the past I have had the pleasure of working with Atlanta Parent Magazine on small but influential projects. I have had numerous amounts of training in the education field. Which have allowed me to perfect my knowledge and craft.  As, I continue to work in this field my passion becomes endless.

To date I currently hold several board member positions with youth nonprofit organizations. I am also a contributor to an amazing website dedicated to uplifting and sharing positive stories about today’s youth. Little Black Village, has given my work a voice which allow me to share my expertise and love for empowering youth. In the spring of 2014, I will be returning to school to continue my education in Sociology. Once I have completed my studies I will pursue my goals and open my own nonprofit organization for inner city youth. Ultimately my goal is to travel the world holding youth summits, and workshops. My passion not only impacts the children I encounter everyday but it builds an amazing future for my son.

Alika is also a co-founder of the Little Black Village Youth Passport Project, which encourage youth to seek out study aboard opportunities and apply for their US Passport.

Please support our Youth Passport Project


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