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Community Spotlight: Addison DeMoss

 Black and Abroad: Thoughts From a Solitary Traveler   By: Addison DeMoss Walking through my Bairro in Mozambique during a relatively brisk evening, I decided to have a quick  drink before returning home and settling down. At this stage, I had been fairly integrated into my  community for nearly one year, but there is always someone … Continue reading

Passport Project: Andres F. Dominguez-Cuevas

Hello, my name is Andy and I would like to be considered for the passport project. The reason I come to this group is to find help in securing the funds to acquire a passport so that I may explore more of the world I live in, learn more about my roots as a mixed … Continue reading

Listen to your gut feelings when traveling

I always wonder if my super strength would come out if I ever got ambushed. Well, I am no super hero! I did put up a fight but the four men got the best of me. Strangling, punching and holding me down. Continue reading

Top 10 Reasons for African American Students to Go Abroad

Top 10 Reasons for African American Students to Go Abroad By Starlett Craig Before going abroad, I was an armchair traveler. I sat at my desk semester after semester doing my job as an international student adviser. I was fascinated by all the students I met, but I was most impressed with the commitment of … Continue reading

Word of the Day: Splendiferous

Word of the day: Splendiferous By Syretta Jones Splendiferous – Glorious, Delightful, Extraordinary, Beautiful Have a splendiferous day is what I like to tell people. This goes back to the word for September 14, Joy. We choose what type of day we are going to have, what type of week and what type of life … Continue reading

The Scramble for Africa

I have copied this video from African History & Heritage on Facebook because I am very interested in Africa and its people but more so of African history and the reason for many of the disputes among its people.  I found this video to be very interesting and I hope you do as well!  Knowing … Continue reading

Climbing Up When Being Pulled Down

  Climbing Up When People Are Trying To Bring You Down It’s rough going through life having to deal with hateration. Let me say it this way. The more you want to do better, all of a sudden the enemy hits you with a ton of bricks. That’s right; haters in your family, on your … Continue reading

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