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Take My Hand Young Child

Take My Hand Young Child Take My Hand Young Child For I have seen what the world has in store for you Have trust in me for I traveled this path that you are now on Take My Hand Young Child I will protect you I will not let harm come your way Take My … Continue reading

Community Spotlight with Darryl K. Johnson

Community Spotlight with Darryl K. Johnson Being A Parent The courage and strength to do what’s right! By Darryl K. Johnson I have never been much of a writer but I do feel that somewhere, somehow and someway that someone may be able to appreciate my story. I have always been a stickler for details and I love … Continue reading

Community Spotlight with Carlton Grant

Community Spotlight: A Parents’ Dream Parents Version By Carlton Grant Dear Little Black Village, Here is the story of my girl. She is the only child from my marriage and we came to America when she was three years old. This means that practically she grew up here in New York all her life. To … Continue reading

Afternoon thoughts: Saying No

Afternoon thoughts with Leslie Jean-Pierre: Saying No to your kids I can see why some parents fall in the trap of always saying yes to the kids they love, or saying that’s ok for things that they have done but forget to ask for permission to do, especially, if those kids are good kids (perspectively … Continue reading

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