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Word of the Day: Victimhood

Word of the Day: Victimhood One of the recurring success themes in the African-American community is the frequency with which being a victim actually drives ambition. ~ Audrey Edwards and Graig K. Polite, From Children of the Dream To be African-American implies that at least once in our lives, if not over and over again, … Continue reading

Word of the Day: Failure

Word of the Day:  Failure In a lifetime of striving to fulfill ourselves, our efforts do not always meet with resounding success.  But what appears to the world as failure does not have to be that for us.  If we start up a shoe store and soon close it and go bankrupt, have we failed? … Continue reading

Word of the Day: Strength

Word of the Day: Strength One thing they cannot prohibit– The strong men . . . coming on The strong men gittin’ stronger. Strong men . . . Stronger . . . ~ Sterling Brown . We get stronger when we demand a better education for our children, when we search out the teachers who … Continue reading

Words of the Day: Collective Work and Responsibility

Words of the Day: Collective Work and Responsibility No matter what accomplishment you make, somebody helps you. ~ Althea Gibson Whatever any of us achieves, we have to credit the many people who helped us in our development: parents, grandparents, siblings, teachers, mentors, friends, and coaches.  Beyond these, we must give thanks to the courageous … Continue reading

Words of the Day: Unfairness/Challenges

Words of the Day: Unfairness/Challenges She informed us regularly and matter-of-factly that we had to be twice as good as white children in everything we attempted in life. “That way you got half a chance of making it.” ~Bebe Moor Campbell, from Sweet Summer Who among us has not heard this bit of wisdom?  We … Continue reading

Word of the Day: Collective Responsibility

Word of the Day:  Collective Responsibility We live, not as hermits, untouched by others, but in families and communities. “It’s my life,” you insist.  Of course.  Ultimately, only you can decide what is best for you.  But every choice affects the lives of those around you now and those who will surround you later.  Living … Continue reading

Word of the Day: Reading

Word of the Day: Reading It often requires more courage to read some books than it does to fight a battle.  ~Sutton E. Griggs How many of us would say we make adequate time for reading in our lives?  Reading can help us clarify our confusion and enhance our perspective   Books and newspapers show us other … Continue reading

Word of the Day: Tolerance

Word of the Day:  Tolerance A person is a person because he recognizes others as persons. ~ Desmond Tutu Yes, even we who should know better are sometimes guilty of dehumanizing others because they do not conform to our code of ethics, because they don’t belong to our gang, our gender, our socioeconomic group, or … Continue reading

Word of the Day: Activism

Word of the Day: Activism If you have a microphone, you have a responsibility to make your opinions known. ~ John Singleton A film director has the ability to project his vision of the world, to make a statement or pose a question, to help us see things more clearly or in a different light.  … Continue reading

Word of the Day: Success

Word of the Day: Success Sometimes we get the idea we can coast along until we eventually bump into our good times.  It might be that we are waiting for others to spot our talent and shower rewards upon us.  We don’t always realize or like to hear that we’ve got to do more than … Continue reading

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