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Community Spotlight: Portia Boykin

Portia’s Peace Corps Experience in Ecuador By Portia Boykin Even though this year will be the 10 year anniversary of the start of my Peace Corps journey, I still would consider it as a vivid recent memory. I often find a way to incorporate my Peace Corps experience in Ecuador into my daily life. The … Continue reading

Take My Hand Young Child

Take My Hand Young Child Take My Hand Young Child For I have seen what the world has in store for you Have trust in me for I traveled this path that you are now on Take My Hand Young Child I will protect you I will not let harm come your way Take My … Continue reading

Temper Tantrums Control Guide

Temper Tantrums Control Guide By Syretta Jones My middle child gave me a run for my insanity when I was pregnant with his baby brother. He was not very thrilled about giving up the baby of the family title.  When I was about 6 months pregnant I took my son to the mall to buy … Continue reading

Center for American Progress

We have to start taking ourselves serious again and become more active in helping our brothers and sisters build up the communities they live in. Even if it’s one person at a time. Either start rebuilding our own community from within or just keep watching it disintegrate while others make decision of its fate for … Continue reading

Getting our youth involved in special causes: AIDS WALK ATLANTA 2011

Children should be taught to take responsibility

Children should be taught to take responsibility for their actions and inactions early on. So later on when they are a bit older and they succeed or fail at something due to their efforts or lack of efforts, they would be able to claim responsibility to either outcome equally and grow from the experience. ~Leslie Jean-Pierre

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