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Volunteer Writers Currently Needed

We are currently seeking volunteer writers for the Little Black Village website/blog. Candidates must have efficient writing skills and must be passionate about writing on related topics that are covered in our mission statement. Continue reading

Listen to your gut feelings when traveling

I always wonder if my super strength would come out if I ever got ambushed. Well, I am no super hero! I did put up a fight but the four men got the best of me. Strangling, punching and holding me down. Continue reading

The Scramble for Africa

I have copied this video from African History & Heritage on Facebook because I am very interested in Africa and its people but more so of African history and the reason for many of the disputes among its people.  I found this video to be very interesting and I hope you do as well!  Knowing … Continue reading

We Need To Feel More

We need to Fell more to understand other. We need to Love more to be loved back. We need to Cry more to cleanse ourselves. We need to Laugh more to enjoy ourselves. We need to See more other than our own Little fantasies. We need to Hear more and listen to the needs of … Continue reading

Stuff You Probably Didn’t Know

Some interesting stuff to learn about! Stuff You Probably Didn’t Know.

Preparing College Students for the Global Marketplace

Going Global: CAU Alumnus Has a Mission to Prepare College Students for the Global Marketplace Before beginning his career in higher education, Anthony Louis Pinder (CAU ’12) spent nearly 15 years as a senior manager in the international affairs/development sector with the U.S. Peace Corps (in Central Africa, South America and Washington, D.C.), the African … Continue reading

The H.O.P.E. Scholarship

Originally posted on The H.O.P.E. Scholarship:
Delta Sigma Theta, Sorority Inc. There is a saying in Delta, “When I look at you, I see myself. If my eyes are unable to see you as my sister, it is because my own vision is blurred. And if that be so, then it is…

Getting our youth involved in special causes: AIDS WALK ATLANTA 2011

Little Black Village Presents Global Community with Julius E. Coles

Welcome to the Little Black Village

Welcome to the Little Black Village web page!  Little Black Village is dedicated to discussing and exploring ways of actively keeping our black youth from dropping out of high school and encouraging them in seeking higher education and thereby opening the door for new opportunities for them. To be honest writing does not come easy for me.  … Continue reading

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