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Word of the Day: Live

Word of the Day: Live By Syretta Jones Live – Remain alive, support oneself, active, vivid “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi   Esperanza Spalding said is best in her song titled Black Gold. Within the lyrics in this soulful song she … Continue reading

Word of the Day: Dislocated

Word of the Day: Dislocated Disruption of normal placement, arrangement, or relationship By Syretta Jones Do you feel as though you have been dislocated in life?  It’s naturally normal if you do. There are times when you may feel as though no one understands you, no one cares about you and the world does not … Continue reading

Word of the Day: Tolerance

Word of the Day:  Tolerance A person is a person because he recognizes others as persons. ~ Desmond Tutu Yes, even we who should know better are sometimes guilty of dehumanizing others because they do not conform to our code of ethics, because they don’t belong to our gang, our gender, our socioeconomic group, or … Continue reading

Word of the Day: Activism

Word of the Day: Activism If you have a microphone, you have a responsibility to make your opinions known. ~ John Singleton A film director has the ability to project his vision of the world, to make a statement or pose a question, to help us see things more clearly or in a different light.  … Continue reading

Word of the Day: Water Cycle

Word of the Day: Water Cycle By Syretta Jones Water Cycle – Process water takes around the Earth I was helping my 4th grader study for a test on the water cycle process and thought to myself that it would be good to share this information and to refresh those of us that had no … Continue reading

Word of the Day: Diplomacy

Word of the Day: Diplomacy By Syretta Jones Diplomacy – Art of humble negotiations between nations Diplomacy is something many of us need to do within our families. It may not be across the nations but it needs to start within the walls of our residence and with our loved ones. If you are walking … Continue reading

Word of the Day: Communication

We’re living in an age when people need to talk.  They don’t communicate. ~ Queen Latifah We sometimes refuse to talk because we think that nobody will listen.  Other times we utter commands or accusations, but we’re not in the mood for discussion; we’ve already made up our minds and we won’t be challenged.  We … Continue reading

Word of the Day: Accolade

Word of the Day:  Accolade By Syretta Jones Accolade: A mark, ceremony or award to show approval and acknowledgement; a tangible symbol Winning awards are great. They encourage us to keep working, to work harder, to keep going when the road seems rough and they show us that our work has made an impact. Leslie … Continue reading

Word of the Day: Rapport

Word of the Day: Rapport By Syretta Jones Rapport: Friendly relationship of Harmony It is important to build a good rapport with your teachers. Sometimes your professor or your manager may be hard on you but maybe it’s because they see potential in you. Maybe they are trying to pull the best out of you. … Continue reading

Word of the Day: Hearsay

Word of the Day: Hearsay By Syretta Jones Hearsay: This is a word that is mainly used in law and is evidence that is presented from a witness that wasn’t present during the actual incident. How many of us operate off hearsay from time to time. I know I am guilty of it, but now … Continue reading

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