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Here are a few photos taken from our previous walks.  We had great showing of support from members from Little Black Village Culture Club, Southern Association of Black Peace Corps Volunteers, East Region Peace Corps Office (Atlanta), Atlanta Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and Morehouse students in the past and we hope that continues this … Continue reading

Global Community: Books for Swaziland

Books for Swaziland: A Different Perspective of Life in Swaziland   My name is Sagal Osman. I am a Youth Development volunteer serving in the Kingdom of Swaziland, a small landlocked country in southern Africa.    I was born in the horn of East Africa, in Somalia, but I grew up in Seattle, Washington. When … Continue reading

Community Spotlight with Jordone Branch

Community Spotlight with Jordone Branch “Being an “African” and an “American” while living in Africa: Where do I fit in?” Living in Africa as a Morocco Peace Corps volunteer has been an insightful learning experience that has taught me the dramatic effects of stereotypes about people of African descent. This adventure has been especially unique … Continue reading

Sneakers & Tux: Supporting Our Youth..

I took my nephew to a Boys2Men 3rd Annual Sneakers & Tux Holiday Gala the other day to show him that everyone can use a little help and everyone can help a little.  A friend invited me and I immediately thought this would be a great experience for my nephew to attend.  I was correct.  … Continue reading

Volunteerism Takes Center Stage at Morehouse College

 Volunteerism Takes Center Stage at Morehouse College by Michael Orlando Moncrieffe  With today’s national minority unemployment rate hovering in the double digits, students were presented an option with the Peace Corps. A panel discussion held at Morehouse College on November 26th introduced students to post graduation alternatives. This year’s event was well attended by friends, … Continue reading

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