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How About Us?

How About Us?

Submitted by Gamal Dillard


Civil Rights Activists Join Protest Rally And Town Hall Mtg On Killing Of Trayvon MartinWith all due respect to Trayvon Martin: I am not worried about being profiled. I am worried about the number of blacks gunned down since he was killed. (500 is more than 1, always); who is killing us? Us, WE!


We “be” killing each other. We “be” the ones disrespecting each other. We have picked up where the Klan left off. If I had a penny for every time a white person or white Latino said something racist to me, I’d have one dollar, maybe several dollars. If had a penny for every time a black person sabotaged me and treated me and others like shit, I’d have enough money to see more of this wonderful world.52791707_black_boy_gun_xlarge


Cats are out there clubbing ‘til 3 am when they ought to be with “they”kids and “they” family. You got no money for them, but you got $200 for strippers and for strangers? Don’t tell me I don’t understand! I’ve spent more time in the hood–in the US and in Latin America–than you claim to in your cheesy rap videos. You ain’t seen poverty ‘til you come here!! That’s why Latinos are coming to the States and taking “yo” jobs. They’ve got a different mentality. They’ve got united families. They can live together, even when they can’t stand each other!! They keep their money in their community!!! They maintain not only their own communities in the US, they maintain their communities back home.


Yes, we as a people have been through shit. Yes, we lost our culture! Yes, we have been victimized, but damn, when you twerkin ( and I don’t know how to twerk), you are disrespecting yourself and your ancestors. F*ck Twerkin’, how about workin’ (for ourselves)? There are black people who’ve got influence and clout. But they (are) so full of themselves, that they’d rather ignore their own, instead of guiding their own. We have let others tell us who we are.

I know who the hell I am.


blackcommunityI’m not worried about George Zimmerman. He doesn’t scare me. When push comes to shove, I will take off that hoodie, grin and beat his ass later. I wanna know why my man, Trayvon felt he had to walk to the store in a hoodie in the first place. They told me when you enter a place, you should take your hats and hoods off. When you decide to mimick those fools on BET and MTV, ask yourself, do they give a f*ck about you? Does Kanye give a damn about you? Little Wayne? That damn minister wearing the $2000 suit with five cars while you’re giving him all of your money? Black people, Find your own real heroes!! In certain ways we are immature…we listen to people just because they look good, dress well and “identify” with us? But we’ve been suckered, by our own!! But Latinos are savvy. They are running shit. They have economic power…and they can blend in a way that we can’t. They look at us and say: Damn, look at them. They’ve been here all this time and still can’t get their act together. This is true. Trust me! While “they” scrubbing your floor and cutting your grass, they are preparing future, accent-less generations to tell you what to do.

 bbc bbl

So when the next cat makes a video calling our women hoes and bitches, what will we do? Will we give him a pass, just because he’s black? I say boycott that cat, whip his ass, tweet bad things to him !!! But we won’t. We are still children. We “not” ready. We’re just talking sh*t!! Where’s the Boule, the Talented Tenth, etc? They’re real quiet now. Ole Jesse Jackson ain’t worried about “yo” ass! He’s paid!!

They’re will be more Trayvon Martins, and the person pulling the trigger is…US.


If you find this offensive, pass it on, because a mi no me importa…(I don’t give a damn!)


–Gamal Dillard currently resides in Ecuador

About Little Black Village

Little Black Village promotes higher education, personal development, and international exposure for African American youth. Little Black Village is a dedicated to discussing and exploring ways of keeping our black youth from dropping out of high school and encouraging them in seeking higher education and living up to their fullest potential. Little Black Village is also committed to making a difference in the black community by encouraging its members to share their voices through social media outlets, lead by example by taking an active role in mentoring a black youth, connecting families to educational resources and actively taking part of community services in and out of our communities.


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