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Georgia Bureau of Investigation Internship Opportunity

Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) Internship Opportunity

By Syretta Jones

Internships are administered for one semester and are open to full-time juniors and senior students pursuing a criminal justice or related career degree who are currently enrolled in an accredited college or university.

Application guideline criteria are as follows:

  1. Must be enrolled in school during the semester the student plans on interning
  2. U S Citizen at least 18 years of age
  3. Must be in good academic standing with their college or university
  4. Recommended by their college or university to participate in program

Disqualification standards are as follows:

  1. Prior convictions for a felony or for misdemeanors of high and aggravated nature
  2. Falsification of GBI application and Deliberate misrepresentation of application
  3. Illegal drug or combination of drugs, other than experimental marijuana use, within ten years of application date. Experimental use of marijuana is determined by:
    1. Number of times used
    2. Frequency of use
    3. Age of applicant at time of use.
    4. Circumstances surrounding use.
  4. Illegal sale, distribution or manufacturing (to include growing) of any drug
  5. Illegal use of drugs while employed for any law enforcement or criminal justice position or while employed in any position that has a high level of responsibility

There are a few more items you should read over which can be located on GBI’s website at www.gbi.gov. Once you are on the site you can scroll your mouse over the employment tap at the top of the page and click on the internship tab. Once you read over everything the intern packet will be at the bottom of the page. Have a great day!!!

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