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Word of the Day

Word of the Day: Dubious

Word of the Day: Dubious

By Syretta Jones

Dubious- Shady, doubtful, uncertain, questionable

Have you ever been invited to attend a function or to tag along on an outing but something in you just didn’t feel right about you accepting the invitation. Perhaps the male or female’s dubious grimace on their face led you to feel an uneasy feeling. Sometimes our dubious feels are helpful. Most people talk about how doubt holds you back but I am here to tell you that sometimes uncertainty can save your life. Pay attention to the gut feelings you get when you are preparing to attend your function that you are uncertain about. My mother had a friend whose daughter went on a road trip to Miami, Florida with some college friends and she felt uncertain about going on this trip but she went anyways. To make a long story short, her friends robbed a store, someone killed one of the workers and because she was with them, even though she had no clue as to what her friends were doing in the store, she was charged with the crime and sent to prison for many years. This is why knowing when to follow your dubious signs is important. Have a great day!!!

About Little Black Village

Little Black Village promotes higher education, personal development, and international exposure for African American youth. Little Black Village is a dedicated to discussing and exploring ways of keeping our black youth from dropping out of high school and encouraging them in seeking higher education and living up to their fullest potential. Little Black Village is also committed to making a difference in the black community by encouraging its members to share their voices through social media outlets, lead by example by taking an active role in mentoring a black youth, connecting families to educational resources and actively taking part of community services in and out of our communities.


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