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Afternoon thoughts: Saying No

Afternoon thoughts with Leslie Jean-Pierre: Saying No to your kids

I can see why some parents fall in the trap of always saying yes to the kids they love, or saying that’s ok for things that they have done but forget to ask for permission to do, especially, if those kids are good kids (perspectively speaking). But, I say a frown today only brightens the smiles of tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong. It’s easy to say yes to requests from your kids and equally easy to say no to them, as well, and move on. The difficult part is saying no and explaining why within that 15 – 30 second, time span, of attention that your child have after he/she hears no or do not do that again.

To the point; God bless all attentive parents! Parents often think they are showing love by saying yes to everything.  On the flip side when parents say no and expects their children to just understand why.  I’m learning but parenting is no so black and white.  We need to keep an open line of communication with our kids and not only tell them what we think they want to hear. We have to give them more credit then that.

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