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Word of the Day: Worry

Word of the Day: Worry

Worry is thoughts, images and emotions of a negative nature in which mental attempts are madeto avoid anticipated potential threats.

Many people worry, but they don’t do anything about it. ~ Pearl Bailey

Yes, Many of us are constant worriers.  We worry about making the rent next month and about paying off the credit card.  We worry about our health, our sanity, our jobs, our safety.

What does all this worrying accomplish?  Perhaps a few more gray hairs, slightly deeper frown lines, a weight gain or loss, sleep deprivation, and a state of inner agitation that can give us an ulcer or worse.

Addressing our worries with positive action is our only recourse.  If we need more money, how can we make it?  If we fear for our children’s safety, how can we move to a better neighborhood?  It may take some time to overcome our difficulties, but each step taken in that direction will help slow the worry machine inside us.

On this day, I will take five minutes to focus on an issue that is troubling me — and then I will devise baby steps toward fixing it.

Excepts: Black Peals, by Eric V. Copage

About Little Black Village

Little Black Village promotes higher education, personal development, and international exposure for African American youth. Little Black Village is a dedicated to discussing and exploring ways of keeping our black youth from dropping out of high school and encouraging them in seeking higher education and living up to their fullest potential. Little Black Village is also committed to making a difference in the black community by encouraging its members to share their voices through social media outlets, lead by example by taking an active role in mentoring a black youth, connecting families to educational resources and actively taking part of community services in and out of our communities.


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