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Ever Thought About a Career in Law Enforcement

Ever Thought About a Career in Law Enforcement

By Syretta Jones


While I was sitting here listening to some Japanese jazz on YouTube, I wondered about those who may have pondered about becoming a police officer or perhaps a police dispatcher. Don’t let people discourage you from answering the call. You can do whatever you want to do, achieve all of your dreams and more beyond your own physical and mental belief. With that being said, here are a few steps that will assist you in preparing to become a police officer and a communications officer for your local police department.

First, do your research. Research police precincts; look at their qualifications, benefits and requirements to narrow down which one(s) will be a qualified fit for you and your lifestyle. If you are in Metro Atlanta than you can look up DeKalb County, Gwinnett County, Clayton County, Henry County, East Point, Fulton County, Atlanta Police Department, Cobb County, Johns Creek, Suwanee Police Department, and the list goes on. You can look up the names of Metro Atlanta cities in a map book or online to help you with your research.

Living in Metro Atlanta gives you an edge over others that live in cities where there are a limited amount of precincts. Take advantage of the options that you have and apply, apply and apply.

Also, you should physically and mentally prepare yourself for your new journey. The physical qualifications are time based exercise and will be incorporated in your interview process. They mostly consist of an obstacle course, military style pushups and sit-ups. Start running everyday if you are not running and be sure to perform military pushups (you can Google or YouTube this for proper technique), and sit-ups in your everyday routine. You can do most of these exercises while watching television.

Working for the government has its benefits. Once you are an officer or dispatcher you don’t have to stay in the position for the rest of your life. The opportunities for career advancement are unlimited and when you or your family member(s) becomes ill, there are great health, dental and life insurance benefits to assist you during these trying times. Some agencies insurance benefits cost significantly more than others; therefore, you should take this into careful consideration when applying and compare the cost of insurance when doing your research. Doing your research puts you in a position that will allow you to make the most profound career decision. Choosing which police agency to work for is serious business and you should choose a place that will benefit you just as well as a place where you will be an outstanding benefactor to it.

Don’t let opportunities pass you by. Climb the ladder of success without hurting others to get there. If this is something you want to do than go for it. Don’t be afraid to answer the call.

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