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Scholarships Available: Georgia Middle School Children

Scholarship Available to Georgia Middle School Children

By Syretta Jones


People have always mentioned that scholarships for grade school and college students are available, and this possibly gave you the bright idea to apply for these scholarships; but you had no idea where to start. Here are some scholarships you or someone you know can apply for to assist with cutting educational cost.

REACH Scholarship


The Realizing Educational Achievement Can Happen Scholarship is for low-income students to assist them in completing middle school, high school and access college education. The students are also paired with a mentor and are monitored by a School Coach to ensure they are on the right track to lead a successful academic career. The REACH Scholarship offers each student a possible $10,000 (2,500 per year for four years) award.  Applications will be posted in September 2012 and the deadline is in late October 2012. There’s nothing to it but to do it.

In order to be eligible for this scholarship a student must currently be in the 7th grade at a participating middle school and eligible for the free or reduced lunch program in Rabun & Douglas County. Also, the student must reach Georgia’s residency requirements, U.S. citizenship or meet eligible non-citizen requirements. To find out more about these requirements you can contact the Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC) located in Tucker, Georgia and/or you can look on their website to educate yourself about this aid and about other financial aid assistance programs. Also, according to the GA college 411 website, the student applying for this aid must have a “C” (75.00) average or better in their courses but the time restraints dictating how long the student must have met these academic  requirements differ depending on if the school the student is attending is on a semester or quarter system. Unfortunately, the student is ineligible if they have been convicted of committing a drug or crime offense. There are a few more requirements regarding behavior records but this information can also be retrieved from the GSFC. This may sound like a lot but just take one line at a time on the application and before you know it you will be finished and ready to submit.

Here is the contact information:

Jackie Coleman

REACH Scholarship Program Manager at GSFC

E-mail: jackieco@gsfc.org


Office: 770-724-9245

Cell phone: 404-416-5383

Anheuser-Busch Legends of the Crown Scholarship


This scholarship has a $2500 value and is awarded to college sophomores, juniors and seniors with a 3.0 GPA or better. One of the best things about this scholarship is that it’s open to all majors and the deadline is September 10, 2012. Therefore, there is still time to submit for a chance to be awarded this scholarship. There is a list of schools that accepts this scholarship and Atlanta’s very own Clark Atlanta University is one of them along with Morehouse College, Dillard University, Xavier University of Louisiana, Benedict College and Fisk University. Applicants can review remaining application qualifications and apply online through a link on the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) website.

UNCF/Chevron Scholarship


Have you ever dreamed of being an engineer? Well, your dream could come true with up to $9300 from the one of the largest petroleum companies in the world called Chevron. The student applying should have a 3.0 GPA or better and be enrolled into one of the 38 UNCF member institutions. The student has to be majoring in Engineering and the deadline is October 05, 2012. To find out more about this offer the conditional information can be found on the United Negro College Fund website.

There are so many opportunities for those who have the desire to go to school without having to apply for educational loans. Also, a college recipient may not have been awarded a sport’s scholarship before attending the school of their choice, but there is always a chance of getting a scholarship by becoming a walk on athlete. This requires attending tryouts and putting your best foot forward. Showcase your skills every chance you get.

 Sometimes we have to make our own opportunities as our ancestor did. It’s time to take things to another level, further than our parents took them and higher than we could have ever imagined. The application qualifications may sound grueling but if you take one line at a time, the application that was once considered overwhelming will be a part of the biggest accomplishment ever. Saving money now means less money out and more money in later.

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Little Black Village promotes higher education, personal development, and international exposure for African American youth. Little Black Village is a dedicated to discussing and exploring ways of keeping our black youth from dropping out of high school and encouraging them in seeking higher education and living up to their fullest potential. Little Black Village is also committed to making a difference in the black community by encouraging its members to share their voices through social media outlets, lead by example by taking an active role in mentoring a black youth, connecting families to educational resources and actively taking part of community services in and out of our communities.


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