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Recognize the Signs of Stroke…

Recognize the Signs of Stroke and Save a Life A stroke is an interruption in the blood supply to any part of the brain (PubMed Health, 2011). There are two major types of stroke. The ischemic stroke is caused by clogged arteries. It happens when a blood vessel, supplying blood to the brain, is blocked … Continue reading

Word of the Day: Hearsay

Word of the Day: Hearsay By Syretta Jones Hearsay: This is a word that is mainly used in law and is evidence that is presented from a witness that wasn’t present during the actual incident. How many of us operate off hearsay from time to time. I know I am guilty of it, but now … Continue reading

Word of the Day: Nonchalant

Word of the Day: Nonchalant By Syretta Jones Nonchalant – Unconcerned, indifferent, careless Sometimes in life people tend to act nonchalant about things they have true passion for to impress the people in their current surroundings. There is an episode on the TV series Lincoln Heights where the main character Eddie Sutton, a Mission Vista … Continue reading

Afternoon thoughts: Saying No

Afternoon thoughts with Leslie Jean-Pierre: Saying No to your kids I can see why some parents fall in the trap of always saying yes to the kids they love, or saying that’s ok for things that they have done but forget to ask for permission to do, especially, if those kids are good kids (perspectively … Continue reading

Word of the Day: Dubious

Word of the Day: Dubious By Syretta Jones Dubious- Shady, doubtful, uncertain, questionable Have you ever been invited to attend a function or to tag along on an outing but something in you just didn’t feel right about you accepting the invitation. Perhaps the male or female’s dubious grimace on their face led you to … Continue reading

Word of the Day: Success

Word of the Day: Success Sometimes we get the idea we can coast along until we eventually bump into our good times.  It might be that we are waiting for others to spot our talent and shower rewards upon us.  We don’t always realize or like to hear that we’ve got to do more than … Continue reading

Word of the day: Passion

Word of the day: Passion By Syretta Jones Passion – Obsession, Excitement, Outbreak of Anger, Intense As you can see, passion can go from one extreme to the other. Are you often excited about helping others, playing a sport, or drawing? What would your dream career be? Are you working a dead beat job? Do … Continue reading

Word of the Day: Progress

Word of the Day: Progress We ask not that others bear our burden, but do not obstruct our pathway, and we will throw off our burdens as we run. ~ Reverdy Ranson Yet people have stood in our way and, incredulously, bellowed, “Why aren’t you moving? Why aren’t you making progress?” We need to learn … Continue reading

Word of the Day: Submerge

Word of the Day: Submerge By Syretta Jones Submerge – Sink, Plunge, Engulf, Go Under Water, Flood Feel like you’re on a sinking ship? Are waters crashing against you Gathering at the bottom of your safety net as if they are at an overcrowded conference Too scared to glance down at your feet Too scared … Continue reading

Word of the Day: Splendiferous

Word of the day: Splendiferous By Syretta Jones Splendiferous – Glorious, Delightful, Extraordinary, Beautiful Have a splendiferous day is what I like to tell people. This goes back to the word for September 14, Joy. We choose what type of day we are going to have, what type of week and what type of life … Continue reading

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