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Preparing College Students for the Global Marketplace

Going Global: CAU Alumnus Has a Mission to Prepare College Students for the Global Marketplace

Before beginning his career in higher education, Anthony Louis Pinder (CAU ’12) spent nearly 15 years as a senior manager in the international affairs/development sector with the U.S. Peace Corps (in Central Africa, South America and Washington, D.C.), the African American Institute, UNCF, Cargill, Inc. and DAC International, Inc.

The Philadelphia native became an administrator in higher education 12 years ago just as globalization of the marketplace was intensifying and the need for college students to be prepared to compete and succeed in such a world was becoming a requirement. The field of international education has seen a tremendous expansion in its importance in post secondary education in the last 25 years and Pinder is a man on a mission: He is committed to ensuring that higher education institutions are doing their part to prepare students to navigate their careers successfully in a global business environment.

“Effective educational leaders, in large part, are those who understand the critical need to make changes as the business environment warrants, and they also have the ability to lead those changes,” said Pinder. “One result of my nearly 27 years as an internationalist is the understanding of how globalization has affected postsecondary education and, will no doubt, continue to influence how students must be prepared to compete in marketplace. Creating a campus climate in which students can cultivate intercultural and comparative skills of all kinds, from the local to global, should be paramount for all institutions.”

Pinder graduated from Clark Atlanta University on May 21, 2012, with a doctorate in educational leadership and will use the knowledge gained in the program to continue strengthening his role as the Georgia Gwinnett College’s chief international officer. In this role, he provides institutional leadership for the international education agenda and develops strategic global alliances with the diplomatic community, senior government officials overseas, and cooperating institutions worldwide.

He serves on both Georgia Gwinnett College’s Provost’s Leadership Team and the college’s SACS/QEP Steering Committee.  He also chairs the college’s participation in a national Internationalization Laboratory of eight institutions, sponsored by the American Council on Education (ACE). In addition, he manages study abroad, international exchange agreements and international student recruitment.

Pinder believes that his role as administrator also requires him to prepare graduates for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century and ensure that international education continues to be expanded in its importance within post secondary education.

“I am completely committed to the internationalization of higher education,” he said. “The doctoral program in educational leadership at Clark Atlanta University underscored the importance of exposing students to the world abroad. The program also immensely deepened my commitment to preparing young people to succeed in a very competitive and globalized marketplace.”

Pinder, who holds a master’s degree in international economics and Latin American studies from The Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies and a bachelor’s degree in finance from Morehouse College, foresees globalization continuing to force the academy to make tough and innovative resource and programmatic decisions.

“I am hopeful that the combination of my doctorate from CAU, experience and research interests will translate into an influential voice that helps to facilitate internationalization becoming a pervasive institutional imperative in higher education,” said Pinder.

Source: CAU Blog

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